Qosmio X305

If you're surprised to see Apple release a MacBook Pro GPUs is strengthened, you must be even more surprised to hear that Toshiba recently announced Qosmio X305 comes with three graphics cards - the GeForce 9400M chipset as used in the MacBook, plus the two GeForce 9800M GTS in SLI configurations when users require greater graphics performance.
Apple was the first company to announce GeForce 9400M when it launched last month with the MacBook. 9400M is the only GPU has 16 stream processors operating at 1.4 GHz frequency, is not considered a standard for high-performance graphics card today, but it was enough to run Aero in Vista. Just as did Apple, Qosmio X305 also uses the GeForce 9400M is not noisy for normal consumption and save battery life and only the second switch graphics card GeForce 9800M GTS when needed.
GeForce 9800M to package the 64 stream processors are also not as high-performance GeForce 9800 desktop version, but a pair of 9800M in SLI configuration for the laptops must have more than adequate for most gamers laptop. Dikemasnya three GPU will also accelerate the performance of the laptop away in GPGPU applications operate like a few months ago NVIDIA demonstrated, using Photoshop CS4 to manipulate the image size 2GB.
Carl Pinto, VP of digital product development division of Toshiba said that Toshiba "want to deliver high-performance gaming laptop that gives gamers a full system in the form of a laptop," adding that "the combination of NVIDIA GPUs and chipsets allow us to achieve a high level of performance, quality and flexibility asked customers in competitive prices

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