Acer Laptop 2010 Review

Olympics not only involve many countries to participate in it. Periodic Games are indeed demonstrated the talent and expertise in the field of sports for countries that follow. But not only that, it also sponsors and a lot of certain parties to cooperate for the success of the Olympics being implemented.

As one partner of the Olympic games, participated Acer welcome present moment with the latest model laptop limited edition 2010 Timeline AS1410 which is a special edition welcomes winter olympics will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

Dikabarnya only 1500 units available later this Acer laptop models. If seen look like this laptop still has similarities with the 1410 model of the original Timeline, where in it was bundled with an Intel processor speed 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM, GMA 4500MHD as a graphic. 11.6-inch laptop this size also has a 250GB hard drive capacity and already supports Wi-Fi. They say these laptops will be marketed in Japan by JPY 78,900 price range, or about 8.6 million rupiah. It seems this laptop is ideal for those who are crazy about collecting merchandise from the Olympic organizing. Ready to hunt this limited edition laptop.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Review

Lenovo presents a new way for business users while working with multitouch screen technology in the ThinkPad X200 and ThinkPad laptops T400s. Lenovo also introduced SimpleTap, an application that makes the experience using a simple multitouch screen.
Multitouch screen on the ThinkPad X200 optional, if it already supports the touch of one finger, users can now use the touch of two fingers to perform various movements, including pinching, zooming, tapping and flicking on the documents, web pages and photographs, as a replacement mouse.
While T400s ThinkPad laptops can now operate four fingers on the multitouch screen laptop. This is not only replace the role of the mouse but also change the way they work. Now they can use four fingers for varying the shape of the object, move the picture with two hands and even using someone else's hand touch the screen to work together simultaneously. Along with the introduction of new multitouch applications, emerged new opportunities for the use of laptops with multitouch screen.
Using sophisticated technology, capacitive touch, the screen becomes sensitive and responsive to finger touches even the most mild. Lenovo also optimize the firmware to help cope with a little pressure on the screen is not precise as to close the window or to navigate the Start menu, so navigation becomes easier for Tablet users.
Because the models ThinkPad X200 Tablet supports Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7, users who travel a lot also use predictive text is better than the previous operating system, handwriting recognition is better in different languages and input features for mathematical formulas and science.
Also, Lenovo's design SimpleTap, a ThinkVantage Technology, which allows users to use the touch screen without interruption by providing functions based on their hardware to make it more easily accessible through the touch input.

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Dell Vostro V13

Laptop 2010 your find the latest laptop or nettop in the year 2010? 2010 laptops now have a very efficient and teasing of course. Besides the cheap, this laptop is also very effective and portable, if taken away.
Dell recently introduced a Vostro V13 touted as a business notebook, which is when we looked at the design of this laptop, just enough time with Dell Laptop Adamo 13. V13 model itself using high-quality aluminum that is designed so that the thickness of only 16.5mm and it weighs just 1.59kg.
Like 13 Adamo, Vostro is also using 13 processors with processor choices CULV, Core 2 Duo SU7300, SU3500 Core 2 Solo or Celeron 743. This laptop uses DDR3 RAM up to 4GB, graphics card and Intel GMA 4500MHD already equipped with capacity reaching 500GB 7200RPM hard drive.
Laptop Dell Vostro V13 screen size 13.3-inch LED-backlit display with a resolution of 1366 × 768px, is also 5-in-1 card reader, ExpressCard 33mm slot and 1.3 megapixel webcam. This laptop has fully supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11n.
For the price range, this laptop is ready bundled with a range of about 449 USD or about 4.5 million rupiah. Dell plans new laptop will soon be inaugurated in the United States this week, too. For those who want to order a can directly into the USA or messages online dunk yes.

Dell Latitude Laptop Battery Z Plus

Dell has introduced a business laptop latest ultra-thin, Tuesday (29/09) yesterday, with recharging capability without power cable wireless alias. With the price of $ 1,999, Dell Latitude laptop can diiisi Z battery with a notebook stand that makes an interference-free induction reactance, just like the beard shaver charger. It was submitted by Steve Belt, Vice President Dell's hardware group.

Induction charger that works with the induction coil at Latitude Z to charge the battery as fast as conventional charger with cable. Coil and dibandrol notebook stand $ 199 price range. Wireless charger has a 70 percent efficiency, better than the charger induction system that spends 50 percent of electricity to the laptop. Belt added that the charger will not affect the performance of any device which is nearby.

In addition to induction charger, Dell has also added the option for a wireless docking station based Ultrawideband technology. Being in the position of the user table, dock has a USB connector, a DVI video connector, audio jack is connected to the cable. Docking station is sold at a price of $ 199. Laptop Dell Latitude Z has a smooth exterior design and comes in black cherry. A 16-inch screen with a resolution of 1600x900 pixels and 14 mm thick, the mainstay of this laptop.

Dell Latitude laptop hardware Z weighs 4.5 pounds, and motherboard is equipped with Latitude ON. Latitude ON is a small secondary motherboard in this Z Latitude laptop with an Intel processor features an ultra-low-voltage (ULV) Core 2 Duo SU9600 (1.6 GHz), graphics chip and Wi-Fi, as well as operating system Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell Inc. With the Latitude ON, a user can write an email, web browsing, and even connect to the VPN server via Microsoft Exchange. Latitude ON can synchronize Wi-Fi connection every 6 minutes and went up to 48 hours.

HP Compaq 6730b Review

There is already present HP Compaq 6730b notebook is designed for use in the office, with a $ 1,500 price range. This laptop has a comfortable keyboard and a port cukuopbanyak, good enough to replace desktop functions. HP Compaq 6730b Notebook will perform for the businessperson who is not too much need a laptop for traveling. With the weight of 2.7 kg without power supply and 3:15 kg with power supply, HP Compaq 6730b notebook is ideal for mobile workstations, plus a lot of post connections.

Not only S-video port out and port D-sub, HP also include RS-232 port, to upload programs or data devices that only have a serial port interface. There are 4 USB 2.0 ports and one FireWire port, ExpressCard/54 slot and the card reader 5-in-1 (SD, MS, MSPro, MMC, xD), on the left and right. For performance battery HP Compaq 6730b laptop can last up to 4 hours to watch a movie in a single length of filling.

Abnormal features in HP Compaq 6730b laptop is a hotkey bar with a touch-sensitive under the screen. Hotkey is used to launch Windows Media Player, manipulation of the volume and play, stop and skip tracks with ease. HP Compaq 6730b polish with full-sized keyboard size and comfortable for typing and working in a long time. For wireless access on my laptop Compaq 6730b is supported by the Wi-Fi 802.11n and Gigabit Ethernet.

HP Compaq 6730b screen is 15.4-inch size with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels and not glossy, can reduce the reflection of a very bright environment light. HP Compaq 6730b notebook is running on an Intel Core 2 Duo2.26GHz and DDR2 2GB RAM, 160GB 5400rpm hard drive. This laptop is not designed for video editing or image editing, which requires a large hard disk space.

Compaq CQ20-317TU Review

Compaq, one of the used to be not so great quality of laptop, which was acquired by HP, has now become one of the favorite choice of laptops by most people. This time, I will share on the 12″ version, which design is not much different compared with the CQ40 (the 14″). The only difference in their design is on the additional details on the shell. We shall get more detailed into that later on. And it looked much slimmer. The one we are looking at here is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processor with Lightscribe capable Super Multi Drive.
And here is the touch pad with buttons, which is way softer than CQ40. Its slightly better to use, although it might be sticky sometimes. I still prefer non glossy touch pad.For connectivity, it is much equiped, with Express Card Slot, Card Reader, HDMI, USB ports and the standard VGA Out port. When we look further, there is ventilation hole right before the Kensington Lock slot. This helps a lot in the ventilation and actually CQ20 is designed better to avoid heat. It does not get too hot after long usage.
And here is the square pattern on the outer shell. Its way more elegant and unique. I love HP’s trend on adding extra texture on their shell.On the left panel, there lays the Lightscribe Super Multi Drive, Ethernet port, another USB port, Power slot, and modem port.This is the point where makes CQ20 different. The LCD is connected with two level by the side and leaving empty space in the middle, making it seems slimmer.
The small Power Button with White LED. White LED is way more elegant than Blue. I believe in that.So, in the middle of the speaker, lays the quick access buttons, for the volume, mute, and the wireless on off button. The wireless button is combined with Bluetooth button as well. So, when you switched it on, both Wireless and Bluetooth will be on. The Compaq Webcam, with standard quality. A closer look at the soft buttons keyboard, and its quite easy to get use to it. Only problem is when pressing the Right Shift button, sometimes you will mistakenly press the up Arrow instead. The keyboard is laid out so fit to the round angle on every corner.
Making it looked nicer and different. On the front right, lays the Audio and Microphone jack for better entertainment experience. And on the left side, the HDD process LED. Here is the top view, with Apple’s Mighty Mouse on top. Nice size right? Lastly, here is the bottom of the CQ20-317TU. Pretty simple and has not much tagging. Notice the battery is quite short. Its only 3 cells though. So, battery wise, it wont last up to 6 hours though. Ventilation holes are everywhere, near the RAM slot, and near the HDD bay.


With the increased demand for laptops these days, and the need for cheap laptops, we are the Maestro Computer will introduce to you all, economical and quality laptops that fit your standard needs.
BYON M31W S / S is a series of laptop-sized 14 "which will be introduced. BYON is one of the National Notebook brand with excellence in the CBB (Common Building Blocks) where you can custom laptop you want to have.
BYON series M31W S / S is equipped with an Intel Celeron 2:13 GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM and 80GB hard drive. Not Forgotten DVD-RW, Wireless, and Webcam as a must-have features of a laptop. With standard specifications, this laptop BYON able to meet your needs and requirements of everyday such as documentation, movies, music, data settings, basic graphic editing and also surf the internet.
The price is quite possible. Price of course, you can be stopped immediately to look for tau and test the product directly. Simple design, and certainly not run away from quality. Although a national notebook, spare parts remains an artificial product vendors leading IT vendors in the world. This laptop is strongly recommended for customers who want the basic specifications for the basic use of the right price.

Sony Vaio X505VP Review

Latest VAIO from Sony is, without a shadow of doubt, the coolest notebook computer ever. It's that simple. This is the kind of product that just stops people in their tracks when they see it. Pull it out of the bag at the airport departure lounge, and your passengers will turn green with envy, and hide their own shameful big and heavy notebooks under the nearest chair.
At that point only 11mm shallow X505VP high when closed, while on the other hand it is still slim 21mm high. But not only that high impressive, full dimensions 256 x 208 x 11-21mm (WxDxH) and weighs an incredible 822g. In fact, X505VP VAIO smaller and lighter than, well, rather than a notebook. And when I say notebook, I mean a paper pad with pages in it. I never thought it would be possible, but you can bring a notebook computer around with you that in fact much easier than paper and pen. Of course the paper will not run out of battery power, but you'll be hard pushed to retrieve your email with it.

To help produce an amazing record books as weight and size characteristics, Sony has invested in the material quite exotic. With the inner chassis made of magnesium alloy and the outer panel formed constucted from carbon fiber, which X505VP light, but still very stiff. As a mountain biker sharp impression I knew from the weight / power ratio and the stiffness of this material, so I'm sure that even though it was light, small notebook should be very strong indeed. Even if Sony has thrown in some titanium, there will be a hardcore mountain bikers queuing for these machines just to match their bikes.

Acer Introduces Touch Screen Notebook Review

Acer has introduced, and the present, a notebook with touch screen capabilities. The existence of the fingers touch screen means users can not only interact with the keyboard and mouse but can also direct 'fingering' with virtual objects that appear on the screen.
5738PG Aspire is Acer's first notebook that uses the touch screen. Notebooks equipped Windows 7 was first exhibited in Indonesia in the IndoComtech 2009.
Prior to the matter of touch, first note was out of this notebook display. In general, the design has not much to show changes from the previous Aspire series. Blue led lights are unique to this notebook seems fine when used in place of the dim.
While the design of the keyboard has shown significant changes. On the upper right side there are 3 pieces access key: WiFi, Bluetooth, and the Acer backup manager that is used for backups profile automatically. While on the upper right side there are volume keys and the launch manager.
Unfortunately, this capability has not fully tap in applying the feature Flick (flicked). Trying 'flicked' window to the side of the screen wasted, for example, can not be done. It seems that the operating system is used that has not been too full to capture the motion signals to the common man.
Not quite with it, to emphasize on the touch screen features, Acer has also added entertainment portal called 'Acer Touch Portal'. Just as a shelf of books that are complete, this portal provides a variety of entertainment into a single container.

Qosmio X305

If you're surprised to see Apple release a MacBook Pro GPUs is strengthened, you must be even more surprised to hear that Toshiba recently announced Qosmio X305 comes with three graphics cards - the GeForce 9400M chipset as used in the MacBook, plus the two GeForce 9800M GTS in SLI configurations when users require greater graphics performance.
Apple was the first company to announce GeForce 9400M when it launched last month with the MacBook. 9400M is the only GPU has 16 stream processors operating at 1.4 GHz frequency, is not considered a standard for high-performance graphics card today, but it was enough to run Aero in Vista. Just as did Apple, Qosmio X305 also uses the GeForce 9400M is not noisy for normal consumption and save battery life and only the second switch graphics card GeForce 9800M GTS when needed.
GeForce 9800M to package the 64 stream processors are also not as high-performance GeForce 9800 desktop version, but a pair of 9800M in SLI configuration for the laptops must have more than adequate for most gamers laptop. Dikemasnya three GPU will also accelerate the performance of the laptop away in GPGPU applications operate like a few months ago NVIDIA demonstrated, using Photoshop CS4 to manipulate the image size 2GB.
Carl Pinto, VP of digital product development division of Toshiba said that Toshiba "want to deliver high-performance gaming laptop that gives gamers a full system in the form of a laptop," adding that "the combination of NVIDIA GPUs and chipsets allow us to achieve a high level of performance, quality and flexibility asked customers in competitive prices

Netbook Dell Inspirion

Netbook existence is increasingly in need of society, in addition to its usefulness Mini size is easy to carry mobile alias anywhere because of light and practical, with a Netbook access to the internet very easily that the other reason, Dell as world-class producers do not want to miss the option to also enliven communities in the use Netbook.
Provide some type Kreditmart Dell Inspirion Netbook, by way of credit payments will facilitate friends and dell have a very good laptop among the businesses that dell gives inspiration to all of the businessman and students.

Asus EeePC HA 1005

Asus EeePC netbook HA 1005 has the elegant and slim appearance merip like sea shells. If the notice from the front side looks increasingly pursed while to look back a bit bloated menggendut.hal alias is due at the rear of the battery is rechargeable li-ion 5600 mAh capacity.

Asus netbook also has a weight that can be said standards, the color combination of glossy black casing looks fit combined with white on the keyboard. On the side of the keyboard, visible blue light that is often used to activate the Fn key. This is much like the other newer functions besutan Netbook Asus. Super hybrid engine technology (SHE) can be activated, by pressing Fn + space keys simultaneously. This SHE function, when activated will reduce the use of the battery so that will help save battery power making the battery last longer.

Toshiba Satellite T115 Review

Toshiba Satellite laptop the T115 comes with a carrying line of ultra-thin notebook, plus a keyboard and features full-sized touchpad with multitouch control for gesture-based commands,such as rotation and scroll. Satellite T115 notebook will run on the system Windows 7 Home Premium, large capacity hard drives,DDR3 memory and HDMI-out port,Wireless N technology is Bluetooth.

This laptop is not only designed for keringannya, but also the slender form, plus energy efficiency, LED backlit display mercury-free and RoHS compatible. Satellite T115 has a 11.6-inch display, comes with a color Nova Nova Red and Black. Design Fusion Finish laptops come adorned the interior. At around the keyboard, touchpad, and display. Laptop Toshiba Satellite T115 will be present from October 22, 2009 from web Toshiba.

Axioo Pico DJM616A Review

First saw it, we just found this netbook similarity with the MSI Wind. Even we have difficulty finding the difference, so it seemed both made by the same hand. Was very similar specifications, such as using the Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz) and 10-inch screen size. If there is a difference, it is hard drive capacity. Pico has a 160GB, while the Wind 80GB. The capacity of this magnitude should be recorded as the excess Pico, given the other netbooks.

Because the same physical form, Pico has a similar advantage with wind. One of them is a keyboard that feels spacious, at least for a netbook. If counted, the size of each key of about 17x15 cm, making the process of typing is comfortable and we had no trouble reaching the standard typing speed. We also do not feel significant heat exposure in the back of the hand despite having used it in a long time.

Excess Pico another is the screen quality is pretty good. At the highest brightness setting, screen capable of displaying sharp detail, without causing too much glare exposure. This 10.2-inch screen itself has a resolution of 1024x600 pixels, so convenient to use the sites optimized at a resolution of 1024 pixels wide.

Because using the same components, we tried to compare the performance with the Wind Pico. The result might be expected: both have similar performance. These include endurance in playing videos in HD format which is approximately 1.5 hours. These results are similar to the Wind.

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