Sony Vaio X505VP Review

Latest VAIO from Sony is, without a shadow of doubt, the coolest notebook computer ever. It's that simple. This is the kind of product that just stops people in their tracks when they see it. Pull it out of the bag at the airport departure lounge, and your passengers will turn green with envy, and hide their own shameful big and heavy notebooks under the nearest chair.
At that point only 11mm shallow X505VP high when closed, while on the other hand it is still slim 21mm high. But not only that high impressive, full dimensions 256 x 208 x 11-21mm (WxDxH) and weighs an incredible 822g. In fact, X505VP VAIO smaller and lighter than, well, rather than a notebook. And when I say notebook, I mean a paper pad with pages in it. I never thought it would be possible, but you can bring a notebook computer around with you that in fact much easier than paper and pen. Of course the paper will not run out of battery power, but you'll be hard pushed to retrieve your email with it.

To help produce an amazing record books as weight and size characteristics, Sony has invested in the material quite exotic. With the inner chassis made of magnesium alloy and the outer panel formed constucted from carbon fiber, which X505VP light, but still very stiff. As a mountain biker sharp impression I knew from the weight / power ratio and the stiffness of this material, so I'm sure that even though it was light, small notebook should be very strong indeed. Even if Sony has thrown in some titanium, there will be a hardcore mountain bikers queuing for these machines just to match their bikes.

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