Asus Eee PC 1005 PE Review

These exclusive famous Asus Eee PC 1005 PE is the latest addition to netbook lineup. Having the latest Intel Atom N450 processor and built in the early 1005 succeeded HA Shells notebooks we read earlier. The new processor makes the device run up to 14 hours as at least netbook specification sheet. Let us examine some other details of the device and decide whether it is worth buying or not.

Design of this laptop is very nice and minimalist, very powerful laptop pasa batrainya to be reached 14 hours stay. 1005 PE Laptop PC is equipped with the latest processor from intel atom of the Intel Atom processor N450 is almost the same as the version of the type intel atom N270 or N280. But a difference in the Intel GMA 3150 graphics while the older Atom 280 processor stuck with Intel GMA 950 graphics. The system becomes a little more able to handle things like HD video or a session or the occasional image processing, etc. Do not try to play high def games in 3 D of this device or you are destined for disappointment. 1GB SDRAM is good enough for the tasks of everyday ordinary and 250 GB HDD is enough to store all your favorite music and videos and everything else.

In the display and audio has a good boiling quality, very good resolution for games really. On the keyboard is equipped with material properties that really have very good feedback and response firm. There was a click of good response by pressing a button and the chicklet style keyboard is good to see the functioning very well. We do not have a problem with high-speed typing in this keyboard, although we expect keys to be slightly larger.
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Roll Laptop 2010 Review

The world of technology gadgets more advanced, especially laptops. There are many cool and unique designs are offered for future laptops, but there is a future concept laptops that bener-2 and an extraordinary unique concept designed by Hao Hua digital roll of laptops (laptop models roll). Digital Roll Laptop can say as a next-generation laptop designs.

Although only a concept, but the design is the inspiration, and that certainly will attract the eyes of other designers who want to make laptops more sophisticated, unique and practical. If the concept of the digital future of laptops this roll in the market to respond either by technology, not the possibility in the near future will be in production, we wait.

This addition has a very good development, we use also the more concise and easy to carry anywhere. With better technology and sophisticated mengungkuli this will in the future of technology market trade.

In addition to this bias we imagine the technology getting better at it the more sought after by the top with a business forum on the internet.

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HP 2010 Core i3-based Pavilion laptop Review

Year 2010 has started to develop in the field of new technologies, including a new laptop, now issued a new HP 2010 laptop that uses a traditional processor. At the Consumer Electronics Show, which begins January 7 to the PC manufacturer will debut a new laptop I3 printed using Core processors, as reported previously. I series processors based on Intel core microarchitecture Nehalem. In 2010, the chipmaker will move most of the lines of current processor technology, Core 2 Core i design.
I3 core processor, so perfect in the assembly, a system from HP is now posted on the online retailer price of $ 865. Gateway laptop retailers and listed on the Canadian Future Shop price $ 730 Canadian dollars or about $ 694 U.S. dollars. In addition to product specifications, one of the most anticipated laptop technology at CES this year is Arrandale, the code name for Intel Core i series mobile processors targeted at the mainstream laptop market.
Arrandale based Core I3 is the first major Intel laptop processor to combine two graphics processor cores and functions together in a single chip package resulting in power efficiency is better overall. Specifications : Processor: 2.13GHz Intel Core I3-330m Display: 15.6 Memory: 4096MB DDR3 Hard disk drive: 320GB 7200rpm Optical drive: DVDRW Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Video card: Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD Prices are listed by $ 864.99 The $ 694 Gateway system is the same screen size (listed with 1600 x 900 native resolution) and memory configuration as the HP laptop to a bet with a 500GB hard disk drive, and the most interesting, but not published using ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics chip instead of Intel's graphics silicon.

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