Axioo Pico DJM616A Review

First saw it, we just found this netbook similarity with the MSI Wind. Even we have difficulty finding the difference, so it seemed both made by the same hand. Was very similar specifications, such as using the Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz) and 10-inch screen size. If there is a difference, it is hard drive capacity. Pico has a 160GB, while the Wind 80GB. The capacity of this magnitude should be recorded as the excess Pico, given the other netbooks.

Because the same physical form, Pico has a similar advantage with wind. One of them is a keyboard that feels spacious, at least for a netbook. If counted, the size of each key of about 17x15 cm, making the process of typing is comfortable and we had no trouble reaching the standard typing speed. We also do not feel significant heat exposure in the back of the hand despite having used it in a long time.

Excess Pico another is the screen quality is pretty good. At the highest brightness setting, screen capable of displaying sharp detail, without causing too much glare exposure. This 10.2-inch screen itself has a resolution of 1024x600 pixels, so convenient to use the sites optimized at a resolution of 1024 pixels wide.

Because using the same components, we tried to compare the performance with the Wind Pico. The result might be expected: both have similar performance. These include endurance in playing videos in HD format which is approximately 1.5 hours. These results are similar to the Wind.

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