Toshiba Satellite T115 Review

Toshiba Satellite laptop the T115 comes with a carrying line of ultra-thin notebook, plus a keyboard and features full-sized touchpad with multitouch control for gesture-based commands,such as rotation and scroll. Satellite T115 notebook will run on the system Windows 7 Home Premium, large capacity hard drives,DDR3 memory and HDMI-out port,Wireless N technology is Bluetooth.

This laptop is not only designed for keringannya, but also the slender form, plus energy efficiency, LED backlit display mercury-free and RoHS compatible. Satellite T115 has a 11.6-inch display, comes with a color Nova Nova Red and Black. Design Fusion Finish laptops come adorned the interior. At around the keyboard, touchpad, and display. Laptop Toshiba Satellite T115 will be present from October 22, 2009 from web Toshiba.

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