Asus EeePC HA 1005

Asus EeePC netbook HA 1005 has the elegant and slim appearance merip like sea shells. If the notice from the front side looks increasingly pursed while to look back a bit bloated menggendut.hal alias is due at the rear of the battery is rechargeable li-ion 5600 mAh capacity.

Asus netbook also has a weight that can be said standards, the color combination of glossy black casing looks fit combined with white on the keyboard. On the side of the keyboard, visible blue light that is often used to activate the Fn key. This is much like the other newer functions besutan Netbook Asus. Super hybrid engine technology (SHE) can be activated, by pressing Fn + space keys simultaneously. This SHE function, when activated will reduce the use of the battery so that will help save battery power making the battery last longer.

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