Dell Latitude Laptop Battery Z Plus

Dell has introduced a business laptop latest ultra-thin, Tuesday (29/09) yesterday, with recharging capability without power cable wireless alias. With the price of $ 1,999, Dell Latitude laptop can diiisi Z battery with a notebook stand that makes an interference-free induction reactance, just like the beard shaver charger. It was submitted by Steve Belt, Vice President Dell's hardware group.

Induction charger that works with the induction coil at Latitude Z to charge the battery as fast as conventional charger with cable. Coil and dibandrol notebook stand $ 199 price range. Wireless charger has a 70 percent efficiency, better than the charger induction system that spends 50 percent of electricity to the laptop. Belt added that the charger will not affect the performance of any device which is nearby.

In addition to induction charger, Dell has also added the option for a wireless docking station based Ultrawideband technology. Being in the position of the user table, dock has a USB connector, a DVI video connector, audio jack is connected to the cable. Docking station is sold at a price of $ 199. Laptop Dell Latitude Z has a smooth exterior design and comes in black cherry. A 16-inch screen with a resolution of 1600x900 pixels and 14 mm thick, the mainstay of this laptop.

Dell Latitude laptop hardware Z weighs 4.5 pounds, and motherboard is equipped with Latitude ON. Latitude ON is a small secondary motherboard in this Z Latitude laptop with an Intel processor features an ultra-low-voltage (ULV) Core 2 Duo SU9600 (1.6 GHz), graphics chip and Wi-Fi, as well as operating system Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell Inc. With the Latitude ON, a user can write an email, web browsing, and even connect to the VPN server via Microsoft Exchange. Latitude ON can synchronize Wi-Fi connection every 6 minutes and went up to 48 hours.

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