Lenovo ThinkPad Review

Lenovo presents a new way for business users while working with multitouch screen technology in the ThinkPad X200 and ThinkPad laptops T400s. Lenovo also introduced SimpleTap, an application that makes the experience using a simple multitouch screen.
Multitouch screen on the ThinkPad X200 optional, if it already supports the touch of one finger, users can now use the touch of two fingers to perform various movements, including pinching, zooming, tapping and flicking on the documents, web pages and photographs, as a replacement mouse.
While T400s ThinkPad laptops can now operate four fingers on the multitouch screen laptop. This is not only replace the role of the mouse but also change the way they work. Now they can use four fingers for varying the shape of the object, move the picture with two hands and even using someone else's hand touch the screen to work together simultaneously. Along with the introduction of new multitouch applications, emerged new opportunities for the use of laptops with multitouch screen.
Using sophisticated technology, capacitive touch, the screen becomes sensitive and responsive to finger touches even the most mild. Lenovo also optimize the firmware to help cope with a little pressure on the screen is not precise as to close the window or to navigate the Start menu, so navigation becomes easier for Tablet users.
Because the models ThinkPad X200 Tablet supports Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7, users who travel a lot also use predictive text is better than the previous operating system, handwriting recognition is better in different languages and input features for mathematical formulas and science.
Also, Lenovo's design SimpleTap, a ThinkVantage Technology, which allows users to use the touch screen without interruption by providing functions based on their hardware to make it more easily accessible through the touch input.

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