AMD Phenom Athlon II and II A More Energy Efficient

Some time ago after the AMD Athlon and Phenom II made an official introduction of 8-core server processors and 12-corenya, it seems there is no intention to relax for a moment so far. Conversely, the CPU and GPU manufacturers are even plans to bring to market a set of CPU series in the near future. The new chips will be presented is not necessarily the newest model, but rather optimize or more efficient versions of existing chips. In particular, AMD will launch a line of refreshment for the Athlon and Phenom II.
These processors will not likely have a higher frequency than the existing units, but instead will consume 95W and 125W. And a clear AMD Athlon and Phenom II thus represents a significant increase in efficiency, which is likely the reason why producers will introduce three-corenya chip with the same TDP, which is 3.0 GHz Phenom X3 II 740 and 2.8GHz 715.
However, AMD Athlon and PhenomII launch date and price, unfortunately the right of these chips are still filled with mystery until recently. And for more details, we'll see progress.

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