Toshiba LCD UX600 using Wi-fi

HDTV in a market is developing, so that Toshiba issued a UX600 LCD using a wireless connection. This is especially showed that the development of Toshiba in the electronic world is very fast. in a production toshiba always create new things for produsenya.

LCD UX600 now extremely sophisticated than Wi-Fi connected with it are listed the software yag needed by consumers, such as facebook, twitter, youtube etc.. Toshiba also does not want to miss the other features, because customers can also access the internet with UX600 LCD, such as video, music etc.

Issued a series of LCD UX600 UX600 newest LED HDTV with Full HD 1080p resolution capability. Strength screen with a size of 40 inches (40U X 600U), 46 inches (46U X 600U) and 55 inches (55U X 600U). In addition, the contrast ratio is dynamic 3.000.000 : 1, there is also a ClearFrame 120Hz technology, image processing engine, AutoView feature that automatically creates the optimal image.

Toshiba LCD UX600 starting April 2010 will be launched in the world market due to deliver customer satisfaction. Toshiba LCD UX600 $ 1,399.99 price.

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