DJ CDJ-350 device and the DJM-350

DJ has been developing art everywhere and anyone can learn it now. Related to this, Pioneer has just announced two new products to develop the art of player CDJ-350 digital media, DJ and DJM-350 2-channel mixer. Both DJ art devices of this plan soon to be released in June 2010 with bandrol for 850 USD (8.5 million) and 750 USD.

Pioneer CDJ-350 is basically a digital music player that allows users, such as a DJ. This device turned out to have supports playback of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF from a USB storage device and CD-R/RW and audio CD. Playter digital media is also equipped with features BEAT Function Display, Auto Beat Loop Function, Auto BPM Lock and MIDI DJ software is compatible with existing. Pioneer CDJ-350 is resistant to vibration due to the presence of Shock-Proof Memory and Floating Architecture.

On the other hand, Pioneer DJM-350 2-channel mixer that can record directly to a USB device. It is equipped with four types of effects, Filters, Crush, Jet and Gate, which allows users to further enhance the ability of remixing. Mixer device also comes with features Isolated 3-Band Equalizer, Digital Conversion, MIC / AUX input terminal and the crossfader curve adjustment function.

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